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The No. 1 Real Curry Recipes Curry Forum. The Real Curry Recipes website is well known as the leading website for reproducing actual Indian restaurant and takeaway food at home through the recipes we provide from the kitchens of restaurants and takeaways. This is the core part of our site and has now been expanded to bring you the choice of recipes from 10 different Restaurants and Takeaways. We provide photographs, videos, step by step guides and feeback to assist everyone in achieving successful and enjoyable cooking.

Our sources of recipes allows us to bring an even wider range of food you can cook at home. We can now bring you recipes direct to your home. This part of the website will show you, with recipes, how Indian restaurant and takeaway dishes are cooked at home and then developed into your favourite British Indian Restaurant (BIR) and Takeaway dishes.

Our Authentic Indian section gives you recipes that are classed as authentic style Indian cooking. Cook Asian is part of the site added for diversity/change which will provide recipes from the exotic and varied cuisines of the east, providing traditional style recipes from China, Malasia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and India.

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Join us today FREE. By joining us you will be met with a vast range of recipes to choose from, all backed by genuine British Indian Restaurant (BIR) establishments. Our members are warm and friendly, and are keen to share their knowledge and experiences, good and bad, to help you on your way to producing tasty restaurant and takeaway food at home.